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School Athletics

Welcome to Eagle Athletics!

  Athletics is an important part of our school. At Eagle Christian, we teach our athletes how to play in a way that glorifies God through our sportsmanship, passion, and dedication. Our coaches and volunteers lead our athletes by example as they challenge our athletes to become young men and women of godly character on and off the field. We teach our athletes about God’s design for play and the redemptive qualities of athletics through a Christian worldview. There are also many opportunities for parents to volunteer. Please inquire how you can be a part of ECA Eagle Athletics! For more information regarding Eagle Athletics, contact our Athletic Director, Holly Page, at 772-2122.  

The Eagle Christian athlete

  • Knows that he or she is a representative on the playing field of the school, his or her family, and God.

  • Knows that God made the games we play for more than just winning. He made them for exercise, for fun, for teamwork, for competition, and for character-building.

  • Knows that success on the playing field is not always found in winning.

  • Is a student first and knows that playing sports is a privilege that comes only after academic standards have been met.

  • Is committed to his or her team for the duration of the season. He or she will seek to be committed to attending practices, maintaining grades, and all other aspects of being part of a team.

  • Is a hard-worker in practice and on the field.

  • Is a leader on and off the court. The ECA athlete leader seeks excellence in the classroom and on the field of play as they follow the example set by coaches, parents, and Jesus himself.

  • Is a person of Godly character, who exhibits perseverance, compassion, wisdom, responsibility, and accountability.

ECA athletics basketball students

Elementary Athletics

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Middle School Athletics

ECA athletics basketball students

High School Athletics

ECA athletics basketball students

President's Award

Eagle Christian Academy has been awarded The President's Challenge State Champ Winner 8 years in a row!



Eagle Christian's facilities include a full-size air-conditioned gym and full-sized athletic field!


Athletic Programs currently offered

  • Volleyball
  • Boys and girls basketball
  • Boys and girls swim
  • Baseball
  • Girls and Boys track