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Choosing a school for your child

is one of the most exciting and challenging decisions you will make. Eagle Christian Academy opened its doors in 1984 to 25 students. We remain committed to the philosophy of the school’s founders, as we are guided by our mission statement: Eagle Christian Academy is an academic institution building and equipping leaders with a Christian worldview in Greater Waco. We strive for excellence by empowering students to engage their gifts and talents to make an impact and a difference in their world. Our dedicated faculty of certified teachers share their time, talents, and skills in teaching our children in preschool through eighth grade. They provide valuable role models for the students as they prepare to face many challenges and choices in their lives. Even among private schools the differences are critical. We are dedicated to providing each child the advantages of small classes and individual attention, and our students’ scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills are consistently among the highest in the nation. We invite you to visit our school to see first hand the quality of education and care that we offer our students. Thank you for taking the time to visit our school's website. We hope to see you and your child soon in the halls of Eagle Christian Academy! Eagle Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of faith, race, national or ethnic origins.    

Academic Programs

Early Education

  • Threes
  • Classes age specific for three year olds aimed to supplement in early development.

  • Pre-K
  • The focus of the program is on acquiring language and motor skills through creative activities which incorporate the use of manipulative materials.

  • Kindergarten
  • This section provides a summary of the key kindergarten learning objectives for reading, language arts, and math.


  • First Grade
  • First Grade curriculum will help guide your child toward solid reading and math skills while encouraging an active, inquisitive mind.

  • Second Grade
  • Second Grade curriculum expands on your child’s natural intelligence and growing confidence as a reader and writer.

  • Third Grade
  • Third Grade curriculum encourage new skills and awareness through observation, precision, imagination, and creativity.

  • Fourth Grade
  • Fourth Grade curriculum reflects the awakening intellect and independence of fourth graders.

  • Fifth Grade
  • Fifth Grade curriculum awakens the student’s intellect and introspection through the lives of great people in history

Middle School

  • Sixth Grade
  • Sixth Grade curriculum engages the emerging adolescent with dramatic stories of struggle and exploration.

  • Seventh Grade
  • Seventh graders gain a global perspective through a study of World History, from the Age of Enlightenment to the present.

  • Eighth Grade
  • Eighth Grade curriculum introduces students to the concepts of civics through a study of the champions of freedom, federal, state, and local governments, and the economic system.

High School

  • Ninth Grade
  • Our Freshman master essential academic content while developing their intellectual and practical skills both within and outside the school setting.

  • Tenth Grade
  • ECA Sophomores cultivate their personal faith and integrity as they discover and refine their individual strengths and talents.

  • Eleventh Grade
  • Juniors at ECA develop skills and perspectives within a humanities base while their leadership skills are sharpened and utilized.

  • Twelfth Grade
  • An ECA Senior graduates with the tools needed to succeed at the academic level as well as the training to be a lifelong disciple of Christ.