Eagle Christian Academy is an academic institution building and equipping leaders with a Christian worldview in Greater Waco. We strive for excellence by empowering students to engage their gifts and talents to make an impact and a difference in their world.

In keeping with the mission statement, Eagle Christian Academy maintains a high standard of academics that emphasizes critical and creative thinking at every grade level. Our program seeks to build Christian character in each student through consistent Christian teaching.

ECA empowers students to become learners for life by striving for excellence in every academic undertaking.  Excellence comes as the student embraces the processes of research, mathematics, and reading; masters the skill of written and oral communication; and achieves success in organization and independent study.  We endeavor to provide a Christ-centered curriculum that enriches each student spiritually, socially, creatively, physically and intellectually.  In addition to our core curriculum, ECA also offers a program rich in Art, Music, Technology, Library, Spanish and Physical Education.