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School Athletics

Welcome to Eagle Athletics!

We believe that participation in athletics will enhance a student's experience at ECA. As students participate in a sport, they not only develop new physical skills, they also learn valuable life skills such as how to work as a team member and how to respect their coaches and officials. They also benefit from the opportunity to interact with students from other schools.

Our 4th through 6th grade students compete in the Waco Private Schools Flag Football League for boys and the Volleyball league for the girls. 7th and 8th grade girls have their own volleyball team and compete against other private schools in the Waco area. Our 7th and 8th grade boys play tackle football with Texas Christian Academy. During basketball season, schedules and team standings are available at www.leaguelineup.com/wps .

Tennis will be offered to our Middle School students this Spring. Look for more information as that season approaches.

In May, our 4th through 6th grade students will again compete in the Waco Private Schools Track Meet at Baylor University's Hart Patterson Track & Field Complex. WBA students won this track meet two of the last three years!

There are also many opportunities for parents to volunteer. Please inquire how you can be a part of ECA Eagle Athletics!

For more information regarding Eagle Athletics, contact our Athletic Director, Holly Page, at 772-2122. 


President's Award

Eagle Christian Academy has been awarded The President's Challenge State Champ Winner 8 years in a row!



Eagle Christian's facilities include a full-size air-conditioned gym and full-sized athletic field!