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Our youngest students enjoy a very innovative and inspiring method to learning. The Reggio Emilia approach is a teaching disposition centered around inquiry-based learning. This approach nurtures a young child’s natural curiosity and helps them form an understanding of themselves and their place in the world through their interactions with others.

With the Reggio Emilia approach, there is an emphasis on documenting the child’s thoughts and making their thoughts known through visual representation. Children are introduced to various media (tempera paint, watercolors, scraps of paper, yarn, foil, etc.) as they work on long term art projects. These media are housed and on display in the “art atelier” center. The hope is that each child will develop confidence and independence as he or she learns to choose his or her own mediums and initiate investigations. Long-term art projects are used as a vehicle for creative reflection and problem solving.
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A Typical Day

ECA Private School Three's typical daylunch
In addition to learning through art, students also learn about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and stories from the Bible. The emphasis remains on a hands-on discovery approach that allows children to use all their senses to learn.

Letters are learned using textured flashcards, practicing the lines and swoops on our chalk board, using manipulative items to create the letters in center, and using markers or crayons to complete our letters on papers.

Numeracy and math concepts are learned through the use of various manipulatives and counting and sorting practice.

A typical day for us begins with “Welcome to School” activities before transitioning into stations and centers for a short time and then coming together to participate in whole group circle time. Throughout the morning there are several more periods of center and station time, as well as outside exploration and group snack time.

Our students participate in art, music, assembly, Chapel, and library during the week.

Music classes utilize the “Growing with Kindermusik” curriculum. Each lesson provides an opportunity for singing and movement, listening, playing of simple instruments, and exploring musical concepts of tempo, dynamics, rhythm and beat. The lessons are designed to provide age-appropriate musical experiences that lead the child toward a lifetime of joyful music making.

Pre-K 3’s students perform for Grandparent’s Day, “Harvest Chapel” and our annual Variety Show.