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Language Arts

Third graders benefit from solid skills instruction that develop their ability to think and to express their thoughts correctly in both spoken and written English.  Writing is incorporated in all subjects and takes many forms through the use of Six Traits. Capitalization, punctuation, proper word usage, use of synonyms, antonyms and homonyms, and noun and verb recognition are also developed using McGraw Hill Language and other trade books.  Reading activities include all genres of literature fromHBJ Treasury of Literature and the following novel studies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Because of Winn Dixie, The Boxcar Children Series, The World According to Humphrey, Little House in the Big Woods, and various biographies on historical characters.The third grade spelling words come from the Neuhaus Spelling program.

ECA private school students writing


Third Graders continue to build on the previous year’s program through Handwriting Without Tears.


The math curriculum encourages students to use multiple strategies for solving problems and understanding concepts. With a hands-on approach, third graders solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Fractions, place value, measurement, geometry, probability, and estimation problems are also taught. Resources include Pearson Envision 2.0, Laura Chandler activities, Creative Mathematics, and more.

Social Studies

Third graders study individuals who have changed their community and world. Geography, economics, government structure, citizenship, and other concepts are also taught. Teacher created projects and trade books form the basis of the program.


In science, students learn about the scientific method and apply it to their learning about matter, energy, force, motion, the solar system, organisms, and different environments. The class uses McGraw Hill Science, teacher created labs, and other resources.


In Health, students learn traits of good citizenship, exercise, staying healthy, and good nutrition. The class uses Abeka Health, Safety, and Manners along with teacher created projects.

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In addition to weekly Chapel services, Bible is a classroom subject.  Third graders use BJU Bible Truths to study Bible stories, memorize scripture, and participate in discussions and activities.


Third grade students are exposed to basic music literacy through activities such as playing instruments, singing, creating movements, and learning music for special presentations. The goal is for students to apply musical concepts into the music. Music curriculum resources are Texas Spotlight on Music and Music Express.

ECA early childhood pre-k art students


Third grade students learn to portray individualism and emotion through their pieces. Students work to create a realistic self-portrait. Color wheel concepts and warm and cool colors are also mastered.


In addition to learning about specific authors, and checking out individual books, third grade students concentrate on learning the categories of the library and Dewey decimal system.


Third grade Spanish students meet twice a week. The Spanish program at this grade level is designed to strengthen the students’ lexicon and basic grammatical structures. The curriculum integrates biblical components, such as Bible verses, previously learned in English as the content for Spanish introduction. There is also an emphasis placed on developing the students’ cultural awareness at an early age.


Third grade students work on mastery of basic movement, continued scaffolding of spatial and kinesthetic awareness through games and activities, continued scaffolding of physical skills and fitness components.


Instruction includes integrated lessons, books, basic keyboarding, and slide show projects. Students begin typing papers in third grade.

Private school elementary technology typing

Special Projects

Community Planning Project—Students plan a community and create a large three dimensional map

Novel Study Projects – Student utilize various products and presentations to demonstrate their understanding of the novels read.

Historical Biography Project – Students choose from a collection of historical biographies, conduct research, write a paper, dress as their subject, and present to the class. The presentation is recorded and becomes part of a class movie. Parents are invited to “Historical Movie Day” to watch the presentations.

A Few Extras

Jog-a-thon – Students participate in a school wide fundraiser by asking friends and family to pledge a donation amount for laps run around our track. During the day, kids cycle through many fun and exciting stations including bouncy houses, karate lessons, team building games, and more.

Spelling Bee – Students may choose to participate in our school wide Spelling Bee held each January.

Christmas Program – Students in 3rd through 6th grade perform a Christmas program for the school community.

Deck the Halls--Students in third through sixth grade carol at the annual Junior Service League Christmas event.

City Hall Caroling--Students in third through sixth grade carol at City Hall and are filmed for the local City of Waco television station.

Variety Show – Variety Show is a fun, school wide evening dinner event where classes perform a song and dance.

Class Garden