The Value of Christian Schooling

Seven cents. That’s it. You might be wondering what seven cents is. Seven cents is your cost per minute for an education at Waco’s exceptional private school, Eagle Christian Academy.

Those of us that are already a part of the Eagle Christian Academy community see this “expense” as a “value”. We value the way Christian heritage and academic excellence shape the lives of our students. We value the commitment of our community of faculty, staff, parents, and students to build strong relationships that serve as the cornerstones to our program. We value the building of leaders who can impact and make a difference in their world by stepping out of their comfort zone to achieve things they did not know were possible. Expenses make all of us worry at some point or another, but if we value what the expense is for we can experience peace in our decision.

It’s hard to shift our thinking from the cost of tuition as an expense to the value that a Christian education offers. However, listening to Jesus’ words from Luke 12:34, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” makes that shift a little easier.

Just a few weeks ago, the 8th grade class of Eagle Christian Academy graduated and moved on to new journeys. As part of the ceremony the students requested their beloved athletic director and coach be their speaker and share inspirational words with them. Coach Page, of course, shared her words of wisdom and offered sound advice for the future. However, the truly touching and surprising thing she did was to speak to each student individually, share the amazing and wonderful qualities that each possesses, and summarize those qualities with a title they could walk out of the door with. We are pleased to present the 2016 Graduates of Eagle Christian Academy:

Addi the Whole-Hearted

Jackson the Courageous

Luke the Torch Bearer

Ella Full of Grace

Olivia the Servant-Leader

Chris the Spirit Controlled

Emilee the Faithful

Morgan the Merciful

Landon the Joyful

Thomas the Teachable

Alyssa the Brave


These remarkable students represent the value of a few cents per minute for academic excellence and Christian education.




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