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The House System

Eagle Christian Academy is a leadership school teaching servant hearted leadership. We start that teaching even at PreK with our “Eaglet” House (for students in PreK through 1st grade).

Leadership Assemblies are on Tuesday mornings from 8:15-9:00. All kids 2nd-8th grade are divided evenly into the various houses where they engage in friendly competitions for house points.  Houses are Faith, Wisdom, Integrity, and Truth. (again, Pre-K through 1st grade are assigned to the Eaglet House and are given a permanent house once they ready 2nd grade) At the Lower School 8th graders act as house leaders and work with Mrs. Selke to create activities that focus on a monthly theme (examples of monthly leadership themes are: servant leadership, communication-listening/speaking, creativity and innovation, stewardship etc).  Once a month the assembly is a friendly competition for house points.

Beads are awarded by all teachers for participation in school activities, showing love and kindness to others, going above and beyond to reach goals and various other good behaviors and special opportunities.

High Schoolers too participate in the house system and also come over to the lower school to act as mentors and challenge their lower school housemates to aim high and support one another.

Why is the leadership curriculum important? Because teaching a Christian Worldview affects everything in our lives and out of our own view of the world, how God created it and how we fit in it, we affect our world with our behavior, values and beliefs.