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Language Arts

Our program focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills that students need to for effective communication. Sixth graders read a variety of literature to continue building essential skills necessary for critical thinking. Literature resources include Holt Elements of Literature and the following novel studies: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, Catherine Called Birdy, Red Wall, The Westing Game, Crispin, Eagle of the Ninth, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Watsons Go to Birmingham. Students develop a confident control of grammar, usage, and mechanics through practice, and reinforcement. Grammar resources include Holt Elements of Language and Giggle Grammar. The writing process is emphasized through multiple assignments and projects throughout the year including a research paper. The Six Traits writing program is utilized.
Private Middle School Reading


The math curriculum encourages students to use multiple strategies for solving problems and understanding concepts. Sixth graders work on data analysis and probability, algebraic thinking, fractions and decimals, patterns and relationships, geometry and measurement.Prentice Hall Course 1 is the main resource for this class.

Social Studies

The first semester of this course is designed to introduce the foundation of government and society. Students learn about the earliest humans and explore early migration and settlement patterns, followed by the emergence of pastoral and agrarian societies that set the stage for the development of powerful empires, trade networks, and cultural diffusion. Using this knowledge, the second semester of 6th grade conducts in-depth studies of regions in the Eastern Hemisphere with emphasis on the contemporary geography of Africa and Asia.  Through the study of geography, students learn the locations of  significant places in each of these world regions; explore cultural and  natural features that characterize each region; trace movement of  people, ideas, and products within the regions; and discover ways that  regions can be divided into sub-regions. Differences in governments and economies are examined, and the economy of each region and its role in the global economy is explored.

Private Middle School Science


Science concepts are taught mostly in a lab setting and strengthen observation and inquiry skills. Students study plate tectonics (which include building and erupting volcanoes), dissection of chicken parts as part of a unit on cells and the body systems, and flower dissection to identify the anatomy of a plant. Other topics include the universe, food chain, the periodic table, matter, and energy. Resources include Glencoe Science 6, teacher designed materials and lessons, and trade books.


Technology is integrated into the curriculum at all levels of middle school.  Students create presentations using Glogster, Prezi, PowerPoint and Movie Maker.  Students must be familiar with Excel and Google Sheets to effectively communicate results from experiments and research.  Because critical thinking is a key component within the curriculum, research for specific purposes is often required.  Google Docs is used for written papers, and students can forward their work to their teacher for editing. Edmodo is also used as a tool for communication between the students and teachers.

ECA technology prezi

Special Trips

Traveling Classroom – Students take a three day trip to Sky Ranch in Van, Texas. They learn about the history of Texas and various science concepts. They also fish, learn about orienteering, and participate in challenge activities designed to build leadership and communication skills.

Service Projects--Students participate in various service projects off campus such as working at the Waco Wetlands, World Hunger Relief Farm, Community Development Center, Caritas, etc.

A Few Extras

Jog-a-thon – Students participate in a school wide fundraiser by asking friends and family to pledge a donation amount for laps run around our track. During the day, kids cycle through many fun and exciting stations including bouncy houses, karate lessons, team building games, and more.

Deck the Halls--Students in third through sixth grade carol at the annual Junior Service League Christmas event.

City Hall Caroling--Students in third through sixth grade carol at City Hall and are filmed for the local City of Waco television station.

Christmas Program – Students in 3rd through 6th grade perform a Christmas program for the school community.

Variety Show – Variety Show is a fun, school wide evening dinner event where classes perform a song and dance.

Spelling Bee – Students may choose to participate in our school wide Spelling Bee held each January.

Classic Track Meet – 4th through 6th grade students participate in traditional track meet against other area private schools.

UIL – Student participate in various UIL events at the annual event hosted by WBA.

Athletics – ECA offers an excellent athletic program that teaches students the skills needed to carry them to competitive high school sports programs.

Class Garden