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Language Arts

Our language program fosters an appreciation of language, develops the correct use of grammar in written and oral communication, uses the writing process to encourage clear and effective writing, develops reference and research skills, and improves listening and speaking skills. McGraw Hill Language Arts and HBJ’s Treasury of Literature are a few of the resources used in the classroom. Students receive phonics instruction daily with Saxon Phonics and Spelling, and weekly spelling tests are given with the Saxxon words.  Students  also participate in studies of the following novels: Chalk Box Kid, Freckle Juice, The Chocolate Touch, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon.


Second grade uses Pearson Envision 2.0 and additional math resources, such as Creative Mathematics, Sunshine Math,  and manipulatives. The math curriculum encourages students to use multiple strategies for solving problems and understanding concepts. Second graders build their math skills through working with addition and subtraction facts, four-digit addition and subtraction, simple geometry, time, money, and fractions. In addition, story problems build problem solving and reasoning skills.

Social Studies

Second graders learn social studies through inquiry and engaging activities. Abeka Our America is used along with other resources to teach the curriculum. There is a strong focus on geography, as well as, economics, famous historical figures, citizenship, needs and wants, and American symbols and culture.


Second grade science is based on resources from The Concerned Group Science, McGraw Hill Science, and numerous hands on activities and labs. Students participate in science experiments and activities each week to reinforce concepts and encourage critical thinking. Content includes forces, rocks and soil, changes to the earth, landforms, the water cycle, weather, needs and wants of living organisms, food chains, adaptations, and more.


Second grade students use Abeka Health, Safety, and Manners to learn the importance of cleanliness, good nutrition, courtesy, and safety.

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In addition to weekly Chapel services, Bible is a classroom subject.  Using a non-denominational Christian curriculum, students memorize verses, study Bible stories, and participate in discussions and activities. Second grade use BJU’s Bible Truths 2: A Servant’s Heart to progress through the Old and New Testaments. Through their studies they grow in the knowledge of God and His Word.


Second grade students are exposed to basic music literacy through activities such as playing instruments, singing, creating movements, and learning music for special presentations. The goal is for students to experience and learn the musical concepts in a visual, aural, and kinesthetic way. Music curriculum resources are Texas Spotlight on Music and Music Express.

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Second grade students are introduced students to Master Artists and incorporate their styles into student artwork. This enhances their observation and problem-solving abilities.


In addition to learning about specific authors, and checking out individual books, second grade students concentrate on learning about the arrangement of books in library and call numbers.


Students meet once a week. Class sessions are conducted with a focus on developing students’ skills in acquiring vocabulary, listening, and speaking. Students are also introduced to distinct Latin American traditions and cultures.


Second graders continue working on basic movement, gross-motor development, increased spatial and kinesthetic awareness through more challenging games and more attention to physical skills. Throwing, kicking, catching, and striking are developed skills. Increased attention to fitness components such as aerobic capacity, flexibility, core-strength, and agility are also a focus in second grade.


Instruction includes a focus on keyboarding skills with Type to Learn. Students also learn about exploring virtual environments, navigating the internet safely, learning the parts of a computer, and how to create original products using a variety of resources.

A Few Extras

Jog-a-thon – Students participate in a school wide fundraiser by asking friends and family to pledge a donation amount for laps run around our track. During the day, kids cycle through many fun and exciting stations including bouncy houses, karate lessons, team building games, and more.

 Variety Show – Variety Show is a fun, school wide evening dinner event where classes perform a song and dance.

 Spelling Bee – Students may choose to participate in our school wide Spelling Bee held each January.

 Harvest Chapel – Students in Pre-K through second grade perform songs of thanksgiving during our chapel time.

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