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Pre-K Overview

Our Pre-kindergarten program is designed to encourage the development of the complete child. The focus of the program is on acquiring language and motor skills through creative activities which incorporate the use of manipulative materials. We promote strong number and letter recognition, the ability to follow instructions, and the development of independent learning skills. Frog Street Press and various trade books provide the content and focus for learning.
ECA early education learning letters

Weekly Focus

Hands-on activities allow children to explore basic concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Students learn to identify letters of the alphabet, explore beginning sounds, and develop basic number concepts. New learning is reinforced through activities, songs, books, chants, etc. Students also practice content in various ways through their center time.


Students focus on learning to write capital letters and numbers correctly with the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. Handwriting also includes center activities such as Mat Man sticks, interactive CDs, and magnet letter kits.

Science and Social Studies

Students learn about science through inquiry and discovery learning. In science, our youngest students ask questions, tell what they think will happen, and describe what they see happening as they observe and participate in science experiments. In social studies students focus on learning about themselves, their family, their community, and their role in the community. Units and weekly activities provide the basis for this learning . Some units are: My Five Senses, Transportation, and Seeds and Plants. Basic principles of weight and measurement are embedded in science and math activities. Students also enjoy working in the their class garden bed.


Students work on basic hygiene skills such as hand washing, covering the mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, nose blowing, etc. Students also learn about caring for their teeth and healthy eating habits.


During daily Bible time, Pre-K students listen to Bible stories and work on memorizing short scriptures. Pre-K attends Chapel every week with all other classes. The curriculum materials come from Abeka.
ECA athletics and health learning


Daily play in centers allows students develop important social skills by interacting with each other and their environment. Students work in various centers, providing an opportunity for the the teacher to work individually with students.

ECA early childhood pre-k art students


The goal of art in Pre-K is to give students an introduction to a wide variety of mediums, including, paint (watercolor, tempera & acrylic), Sharpies, markers, oil pastels & printmaking. Students will follow directions to create a piece of work they are proud of by following directions and then customizing pieces with their unique styles.


Pre-K music focuses on introducing music in a fun, positive way. Music curriculum resources are Texas Spotlight on Music and Music Express.


The parts of books and proper care of books are the focus of Pre-K library time. Students attend Library each week and are exposed to a wide variety of authors and illustrators.


Pre-K students learn to use a mouse and navigate through specific content related games and activities.

Special Trips

HOT Fair – Students visit the fair as they learn about life on the farm.

Pumpkin Patch – The Pumpkin Patch is a fun trip that helps students learn about growing food on a farm. They listen to stories and go on a hay ride, too.

Department of Public Safety – Fireman and policemen teach our kindergarteners about their jobs and the importance of community helpers.

Steven Fite Concert--Students attend this fun concert designed for especially for young learners.

ECA early education pumpkin field trip

A Few Extras

Jog-a-thon – Students participate in a school wide fundraiser by asking friends and family to pledge a donation amount for laps run around our track. During the day, kids cycle through many fun and exciting stations including bouncy houses, karate lessons, team building games, and more. Variety Show – Variety Show is a fun, school wide evening dinner event where classes perform a song and dance. Harvest Chapel – Students in Pre-K through second grade perform songs of thanksgiving during our chapel time. Thanksgiving Dinner with Kindergarten--Pre-K students dress as Native Americans and enjoy a meal with the pilgrims. Class Garden