Heading hidden

ECA historyEagle Christian Academy opened its doors in the fall of 1984 to 25 students. It was the goal of the founders of the school to offer an outstanding traditional education in a loving Christian environment. In providing this solid foundation, it was the prayer of the Academy to help each student grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

Since its beginning in 1984, ECA has remained independent of church sponsorship and continued to serve students of various denominations. For the first three years, ECA was housed in First Baptist Church of Waco, and in 1987 the school moved into a facility owned by Columbus Avenue Baptist Church. In the fall of 1992, the school moved into a building owned by Westminster Presbyterian Church.  ECA was finally able to purchase its first facility in 1996 and then purchased and moved to our current location in 2005.

Since that time, ECA has continued to experience tremendous growth and stability including the opportunity to purchase its current campus at 6125 Bosque Blvd., with expanded facilities and classrooms. Through the generous support of many ECA families, alumni and friends, the school has continued to grow in strength and numbers.

In 1993, the school began a significant effort to make itself available to children of all economic backgrounds by aggressively offering tuition assistance to children in need. Since that time, between $25,000 and $85,000 has been provided in scholarships annually.

We look forward to the many blessings God has in store for the future of this school.