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Complete an application and registration form for enrollment. This must be submitted with the full registration fee, which is refundable if the prospective student is not accepted.


Kindergarten-8th Grade: Prospective students must take an admission test at the discretion of the Principal. Recent achievement test scores may be accepted in lieu of testing. The form and content of admission tests will be within the discretion of the Principal.


Supply immunization records pursuant to Health Department requirements.


The child and parent(s) may meet with the Principal to discuss policies and ask/answer questions.


Read the Parent & Student Handbook.


Upon being notified of acceptance for admission, the registration fee becomes non- refundable. An enrollment contract is required to formalize the admission.


A non-refundable book and activity fee is required each school year. Your child’s registration will not be complete and his/her placement will not be ensured until that fee has been paid.


If the student is receiving a scholarship, terms of payment of fees, expenses, and other required amount will be contained in the special agreement prepared on an ad hoc basis for each scholarship student.


All required forms must be in the school office by the first day of school and must be kept current as changes occur during the school year.


Student minimum age requirements for each grade level are determined by the age of the child on September 1st of the current year.